Saturday, April 19, 2008

My New Composter

Here is a picture of my new composter. Gordon helped me put it together, sort of. It has a lid, not shown, that locks. Gordon is crawling through one of the doors that you open to shovel the done compost out. I'm very excited to fill it. Just as soon as I get the children out...

No Room at the Inn

How do you like our current sleeping arrangements? Husband came home and this is how we were sleeping. I'm at the bottom under the white blanket, head to the right. I've put the mattress on the floor and against two walls so if and when someone falls out it won't result in serious injury. The baby likes to be touching someone. Diesel just needs his pink blanket and his puppy. And I take whatever space is left!

Dishwasher Saga

So we had the worst time trying to replace our dishwasher. We bought one on sale with all kinds of rebates, store gift certificate offers and free installation, ha! First, they arrived to install it and realized they didn't have the tools to get the old one out. Then our friend Wes came over, got it out and was going to install the new one but when we opened it, we realized it was the wrong color. So then they reordered the correct color but when they installed it they did so incorrectly and it blew up shooting flames out of the bottom of the dishwasher. Of course this didn't happen until the installers had already left the house. They also left a screw sticking out and it scratched the door. So then a repair man came out, said it was dead, but that wasn't good enough for the store, they sent someone else to tell us it was dead and then the store said we could bring it and exchange it. I laughed and told them to come and get it and to give us our money back. So after this whole two week process a friend gave us her old one my dad installed it and it works. But while it was missing, the boys had a new hot spot to drive their vehicles...

Trip to the Zoo

I took the boys to the zoo yesterday. Gordon liked running around, usually in the opposite direction we needed to go and even more often he was off trail. I'm so glad they have fences up or he would have been pulling the elephants tails and swimming with the alligators. Diesel calls himself Kitty or Elephant these days so he was super excited to see the elephants. About the time we got around to the reptile house he was getting pretty tired. He did enjoy the snakes, but then said he wanted to go home. He's my little homebody-especially when he is tired. We almost didn't go bc he wasn't feeling good in the morning, said he needed to throw up so I put him on the couch with a towel and a movie. Then he drank some juice and dozed for about an hour and then said he felt better, so we left. It was a gamble, but it was such a beautiful day I thought we would have a lot of fun, and we did. I got plenty of exercise pushing that double stroller with what must be 100 pounds or so of children, stroller and gear. There were many other mommies and even more children there. I guess lots of people had the same idea. So here are a couple of pictures from our outing.
Off roading...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's For Dinner?

Can you tell what we had for dinner?

Friday, April 4, 2008


Pappy gives Travis, formerly know as Diesel, a push on the new horse as Gordon looks on.