Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fence Inspectors

We have had some breaches lately to our fence. T-Bone was in the neighbor's back yard the other day when I came home from picking Kolin up from school. I was content to watch him graze until Konrad got home, but TBone had other plans and headed towards the road. So I tried to cut him off between the houses. I guess me wrapped in a big pink blanket (because I was nursing the flu) scared him and then he was on the move big time. Luckily the chief, Ted, was on his way home and had heard Konrad check out of the city. Then seeing me pacing the yard in a blanket he stopped to see what was going on. He was kind enough to corral TBone into a secure place even though he was dressed in a tie and dress shoes. Konrad arrived a couple minutes later.

Then Bugsy and Mudslide broke out of the back pasture. The ladies are just too big of a temptation, they can't stay away. And of course the kids still come and go as they please because most of them are still small enough to crawl through the gate. Oh and then there's Kash. I think he's our craftiest escape artist. Best we can tell he's actually leaping the fence. So Kash is going to have to be chained to his dog house. Bugsy is contained in the pasture with TBone and Mudslide is with the nannies. Not sure how long this configuration will last, we're going to do some fence re-enforcement soon.
So, the boys walked the fence. Everyone got really dirty and Kaden even lost his pants somewhere along the way.

March 17th and it's 82 degrees outside. What a difference 16 days makes!

Today I found a surprise in the field. I went to get the truck so the boys and I could go pick up our hardwood flooring and I was greeted by 2 new faces. Cute black and white faces from a white nanny (April) and a light brown and white billy (Bugsy), not sure how that happened, but happy that it did. I'm pretty sure we have a male and a female. So that brings our herd up to 18. We are getting close to weaning the kids born in January. We will then sell the five males and possibly a couple of others.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day

We woke up this morning to four inches of snow. It was beautiful. After a pancake breakfast I got the boys dressed and sent them outside. Before I could get my coveralls on Kaden was crying with a snow covered face from a snow ball that Koin threw. So much for that adventure. I brought everyone back inside, did some stern talking, and some consoling. A little while later I asked if they wanted to try again. So we all got dressed and headed out.

Kolin was having lots of fun, and Kash was going nuts. Kolin and I built a snow man and fed all the animals. T-Bone was enjoying the snow, kicking up his heels. Bugsy and April were snuggled up together in the blue barn. The nannies didn't seem at all phased by the snow, but seeing them against white snow really shows how not white they are.

Konrad's flight comes in a little later this afternoon. I think the roads will be fine and the driveway is pretty slushy so I don't think the snow will pose a problem there.