Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a Weekend...

I spent 50 hours away from all responsibilities this past weekend. I don't feel stressed out all the time, but I guess I didn't realize how much stress I had been living with until I was away from it. I spent the weekend at a bed and breakfast with some girlfriends. Most of them were scrapbookers and it was called a scrapbooking weekend, but I'm not a scrapbooker. I did take all of my pictures, baby books, phota albums, a pile of unread magazines and other projects that I didn't get to.
I almost had to carpool because about a mile from home my gas pedal got stuck and I couldn't stop my car. I tried prying it up with my foot but that didn't work. I tried tapping the gas pedal, hoping maybe it would free itself, that just made it go faster. I was mashing the brake all the way to floor, I was standing on it and it was almost stopped so I threw the car in park. I called my husband for advice and found out I should have just put in neutral, but there were no fluids on the ground under the car so I pressed on. I realized it kept sticking as I drove along the interstate but I just stayed far away from the cars in front of me, it only gets stuck for a second or 2 or 3, but eventually it unsticks itself. I was NOT going to miss my weekend!
I arrived there Friday and had just enough time to unload my car before the lunch bell rang. That's right, a lovely bell that the hostess rang when a meal was ready. Did I have to shop for it? Did I have to fix it? Did I have to clean up after it? No, no and no. It was lovely. That was honestly the best part of the trip, having meals prepared for me, and all I have to do is sit down and eat them. The 2nd best part of the trip was having a whole table to spread all my stuff out and no one colored on it, ate it, threw it on the floor or wadded it up. Everything stayed right I wanted it all day long. I worked for hours on the baby books. I got them all caught up by midnight Friday. Saturday I spent the day chronologically organizing photographs and putting them into albums. I finished that project Saturday evening and started going through magazines and cutting out projects to do with the kids. I didn't get very far with that project, but I decided to call it quits at 3am Sunday morning, after all, the breakfast bell would be ringing at 8am and I didn't want to sleep through it. I really only knew 1 of the 8 girls there. I had met a couple others a time or two before, but we all had a good time. Everyone just kind of worked on their own stuff and we talked and listened to cds all day.
So we are planning another trip after the first of the year. I am already excited. I didn't take my camera so I don't have any pictures of the group, but I am trying to get one so hopefully I'll have one to post soon. There really wasn't much to see, just me in my chair for hours on end. It was awesome!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A new treat for Diesel

This is Diesel and Mommy enjoying Diesel's first homemade rice crispie treat. Together we managed to finish a 9x13 pan in 2 days. I must confess it was mostly me :(

We have been enjoying our hot summer, hanging out at the pool and then playing inside when it gets oppressively hot. Gordon continues to get into things, some things he can't get out of, as in the picture. He managed to get his head stuck inside the blow up ring of the ball crawl. I made him stay there while I fetched the camera, is that bad?
We had a nice, low key 4th of July. The boys and I met up with Sandy Sandy and her family and we watched the fireworks here in town. We put our chairs next to a playground so the kids were greatly entertained beforehand.

new curtains

How do you like my new living room curtains? They are dark brown with blue, green and black circles. Ignore the chair, it still needs to be recovered. I got a good deal, they were on sale and I had a coupon! Very exciting.