Saturday, March 12, 2011

We Just Couldn't Wait Until Spring

Our spring fever got the best of us. The boys and I pooled out money and we each bought two chicks. You have to purchase a minimum of six. We had been waiting for TSC to get some red pullets. They had all white ones earlier. We dropped by the other day and they had gotten them in that morning. The boys and I talked it over and I told them that they would each have to use their own money to help buy the chicks. We got out our piggy banks and counted up all their money. I told them they would have to contribute $6 each. They both agreed to do that. We have been paying our current chickens $0.25 per egg into another jar. So we used the chickens money to buy the chick feed. Konrad set up the tub and gave them some shavings.

They are really cute. I just wish they were a little more hardy. On the way home from TSC they were each holding one chick. I heard Kolin say the chick was tickling his back! I turned to see him arched in his car seat and the chick was crawling in his shirt between the seat and his back. I quickly pulled the car over and ran around to fish the chick out of his shirt before it was squished. And Kaden has lost his chick-holding privileges for two days due to mishandling. I think he wants to see them fly.

We only lost one of six last year. I'll keep you posted on these six.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Kash has been out of work for a couple of weeks now. He has a growth on his side. It swelled up really big and the hair fell out in chunks and then it started oozing. Awesome. At his 2nd vet visit they put a cone on his head. He is very clumsy with it on but he has still figured out how to lick a small portion of the boo-boo.
He is supposed to be taking an antibiotic. But being a trained drug detector, he is not fooled by any of the normal pill-hiding techniques. If you put the pill in a hot dog, he will eat the hot dog and spit the pill back out. Konrad has also tried feeding it to him with peanut butter and some sort of pork treat. None of those work. He's very talented. What we are doing now is wrapping it in lunch meat. I think the reason this is working is because he doesn't actually chew the meat slice, he just inhales it and fortunately swallows the pill that is wrapped inside of it.
He is not enjoying his days off. He has been banished from the house because of the drainage. Konrad set up a place for him in the barn and he has access to the outside. Once he stops being a mess he'll be allowed back in. Kash is not happy about this.
He had a 3rd vet visit this week. They drew fluid off of the site and though he is getting better, he will be off duty for two more weeks.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dirty Boys

We can hardly contain our spring fever here at the Rocking K Ranch. I have started some seeds in the kitchen and have starting digging around in the garden. The boys are enjoying the mud from all the rain.

They have successfully convinced every visiting friend to have a mud fight with them.
After which they have to strip head to toe on the deck before I will let them in the house. Then I physically carry them to the bathtub. It appears that Ian may have lost this fight and that Kaden thinks that is pretty funny.
So this is your warning. If you choose to visit and the boys want to "play outside" this is what your in for.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Birthday Pics

On Kaden's actual birthday he had a couple more gifts and cards to open.