Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yesterday was a busy day. We got up early and picked tomatoes from the neighbors plants. We weighed those to see how much more we needed to get at the Farmer's Market. Then the boys and I and a friend's little girl, Brooke, loaded up and went to the Farmer's Market. It has really grown since last year, many more vendors and a great selection of fruit, veggies, even some milk and meat. The kids each had a small basket to carry and we bought onions, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes and fresh cut cilantro. One vendor gave each of the kids an apple fresh from his trees. They had a good time and except for Kaden lagging behind a few times, had good behavior.
So then we went home and started preparing our veggies to make salsa. I had my apron on so Kaden insisted on wearing one, this was the smallest one I had. I'm not sure he was very productive in helping, but he tried hard and enjoyed filling up the pots and playing with the water. I didn't want them to help me too much because of the jalapenos. A friend and even the recipe warned me about wearing gloves when cutting them up. After cutting up a pound of them there were seeds and juice everywhere. I wiped it up but wasn't sure how long the sting would hang around on the countertop surface.

I finished up last night just before the Titans preseason game started. Konrad says the salsa could use some more paste or something. He thinks the texture is too watery, not enough pasty-ness. The last batch I made (different recipe) he said was too liquidy. I'll keep trying.
Still haven't tried any of the dill pickles I canned. Have to wait the first of October I guess. I canned three different recipes, I hope at least some are edible.

Konrad is busy burning trees in the back today. Richard is helping. The boys love to help and even put on their safety glasses.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here are a couple pics of the boys. Kolin is trying hard not to smile, Kaden is actually cooperating.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Move

We have been busy this week moving out of the apartment and back into our house. Many trips have been made and now all that remains in the apartment is the TV and the mattresses. The boys spent the night in Hendersonville with Nana last night and are staying over again tonight. I have been very productive without them here, but miss them and am ready for them to come home.

This is a preliminary picture of our bedroom. New king size mattress and coverlet, new Smoky Blue paint on the walls. I hope to build a platform for the bed with my Dad this winter, for now the bed will sit on the floor.

And this is a picture of the living room and the awesome new wood floors. We still have to complete that one corner, then baseboards and quarter round.

More work to do and a little rest in between. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Floor Going In

I love our new hardwood flooring and it's not even done yet. The installer is doing such a good job and I'm not just saying that because he's my Dad. We decided to lay it diagonally. I got to tear up the wood floor landing. It's always fun to be a bit destructive. This morning I got started early with power tools. I used the belt sander to sand down all the baseboards. I got two coats of paint on by day's end. Some of the baseboards have to be replaced, a foul odor of cat pee was detected in some areas. Just when I thought we'd found the last of it.