Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Training Wheels are OFF!

Big Boy Kolin has gone to 2 wheels! Last night in the barn I took his training wheels off at his request. I gave him a push but kept my hand on the back of his seat. I could feel that I wasn't needed. So the next time I just pushed and off he went!

Today he asked to ride and so after I bundled him up he went outside and started riding. I went out with the camera and he was riding circles around the driveway. I can't believe how quickly he learned (or how ready he was).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Night Train's Parents

Some more info on Night Train in case you were dying to know.
Sire: Zoro

Dam: Classy N Black

He was 9lbs at birth and was a twin, he has a sister who was solid red.

He is a papered 97% Boer. Any other questions??

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Recycling Containers

I finally made a decision and purchased a set of three recycling containers. It was a big decision and Konrad finally had to help me make it, as usual. We chose the more colorful option. The other option was to purchase a series of slim, muted-colored trash cans and line them up, but this takes up more floor space and Konrad seemed to like the more colorful option. Each bin holds 18 gallons, very impressive! We still collect the largest amount of plastics so the round green bin on the floor will be for those, we are still debating about what to put in the new bins. We recycle 6 things and there are only 3 new bins plus the plastics bin. Decisions, decisions.
Konrad took the recycles today and said several people asked about them. Later we realized that he also recycled a boxed up birthday present that I had in the back of the car. I finally bought wrapping paper this morning so I went to the car to get the box to wrap it. When I didn't see it in the back of the car I had a pretty good idea of where it was, but I was hoping I was wrong. Konrad went back by the recycling center on his way home this evening and by doing a bit of dumpster diving was thankfully able to retrieve the gift. So Ian, we WILL bring a gift to your party!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Introducing Night Train

We ventured south this weekend to purchase a 3 month old buck. Because of the nine degree weather, Konrad decided that Night Train should ride home in the floor board of the pickup... underneath my feet. He did very well and slept most of the way and made only a couple half hearted attempts to move. Kaden fell asleep on the way home and looked very uncomfortable so when we stopped at a gas station Konrad made him a pillow.