Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Preperations

We are going high tech for Kaden's 2nd birthday. We made an evite. This is an invitation that just goes out to email addresses. It's a new approach, but we'll try anything once! We've also decided to have the party at my parents house in Hendersonville, thanks Mom! The party is not for another couple of weeks, I'll put pics up then.

New Shift

Today was Konrad's first day on first shift. It was a busy day and I stayed busy at home as well with both boys to myself, all day. Konrad came home to change clothes and then rushed off to the gym. He didn't get to eat the yummy roast I made him until 7:30 or so. I really hope he is able to sleep better on this schedule and I am excited to have him home on the weekends.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another weekend, and more visitors. Yesterday we welcomed Mr. Brian to the ranch. He has been here before, but not since the herd explosion. In fact, Mr. Brian is somewhat of a ranch hand, helping Konrad trim the hooves and worm the herd on more than one occasion. He was also Konrad's partner in crime during the capture of the blue building, see earlier post. His services are appreciated and I tried to feed him well during the Super Bowl, am I allowed to say that?, with chicken wings, southwest egg rolls and turkey burgers. Sweet potato fries were also on the menu, but they were deemed inedible following an extended stay in the oven.

We got to visit with family during the Super Bowl via Skype and our video eye. It was fun to see them in real time.