Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blueberry Pancakes

This morning we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and Kolin made a stack three high. So of course Kaden had to make a stack 4 high.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Skunk Master

So we are having a bit of a war with a certain black and white critter. We have encountered a total of six skunks so far. I have relocated five of them, one is dead. Trapping them is the easy part, letting them out of the trap is the tricky part. But, I'm getting a lot of practice.

This is Papa Skunk in the trap. He sprayed all over the place that morning when Konrad moved the trap away from the chicken house door. That afternoon I loaded the trap into the truck. Then we invited the neighbors over for a small viewing party, we homeschool so it's all about education around here! Then the boys and I and a little friend Brooke from down the street, loaded up in the truck to take Papa Skunk to his new home (and to meet up with the rest of his family).

This is me unloading Papa Skunk from the truck to the ground. All was going well. I then realized that we forgot the tarp. I usually put a tarp over the trap so the skunk can't see me and doesn't get scared and spray, and to protect me (hopefully) if he sprays anyway. So we had no tarp but I found a moving blanket in the tool box. When I threw the blanket onto the trap Papa Skunk sprayed again. Now someone had told me recently that once a skunk sprays it takes a few days for them to build up more stink. This is NOT true, at least not with Papa Skunk.

This is me during the release. I use a long handled hoe to hold open the trap door and just wait for them to come out. For some reason they tend to turn and head right back at me. The one I released just before Papa Skunk I was sure I felt his tail brush my back. But I just sat there frozen, hoping for the best. Papa was so stinky I really didn't want to take that chance so that's why the red bin is standing there. The blanket did not cover the whole trap so I put another red bin on the back side of the trap so I wouldn't get sprayed.
Do you see what I mean? Look where he headed! Right back around the trap. But as you can see I am no longer at the other end of the handle! As soon as I saw him come out I dropped the handle and backed up-quickly. But Papa Skunk eventually turned and headed for the woods. And I can only assume he is happy and healthy living with his large skunk family somewhere miles away from my chicken coop.

Update: It seems there may be one more member of the Skunk family that has been left behind. This morning there was evidence of another skunk digging under the chicken house, so I've set the trap....again.