Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Something very scary happened today. We had our first (and hopefully last)incident of a lost child. It was a VERY scary event.

I dressed KR for church, the went to change KC's shirt. When I came out of the bedroom, KR was gone. I thought I had heard the door shut so I looked out back but didn't see him. I had put his shoes on so he knew we were going somewhere.
I looked outside on the deck and in the driveway by his trike and sandbox but didn't see him so I figured he must be inside. I searched house but it wasn't like him to not be right where I was so I started to get worried. After a run through of the house, I ran outside and up to the street, he wasn't there. I went to the back and looked in the yard, the neighbors yard, calling his name, nothing. I went back inside, searched again, asked Konrad who was taking a shower if he was upstairs with him, no. I searched the house and yard again, then went back inside and got Konrad out of the shower to help me search for him. I asked him if I should call the police and he said, not yet. I really wanted to call. I wanted help on the way, pronto! We looked and looked for several more minutes, the street again, the toilets, the toy room, the car, nowhere. I asked Konrad if we could call the police yet, again he said, not yet. I was saying to myself, 'This CAN'T be happening, where is he?? I ran around the neighbors houses calling for him, Konrad headed down to the field. Then he hollered, "There he is!"

I have never felt such relief! I could hardly breath. I'm a bit teary just retelling it.

Konrad found him down in the field with the goats. He was a LONG way from the house! He must have run, he was only gone like 3 or 4 minutes. Not only did the 18th month old go down the stairs, but he must have RUN down the driveway, crawled UNDER the gate and went out into the field PAST the barn. I think he must have been crawling under the gate the first time I looked down there because normally I can see his head as he walks down to the barn, but if he was laying down I wouldn't have been able to see him.

So, thank God, we found him and he was fine. It is now many hours later and my adrenaline is just about back in check. Because of the delay we were late to church, but I figured I'd better go and not miss an opportunity to thank God for our wonderful healthy children that are now safe at home.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News from the Ranch

We have been busy fencing. We just completed fencing a 3rd pasture. The goat herd has amazingly cleared out the 2nd pasture. There is nothing green left from the ground to a height of about 4 feet. Our neighbors are beginning to clear out their side of the fence row. We figure they must want to see the beautiful goat herd. Either that or they are excited about finally being able to see through the fence row to the open pasture. It will be a nice and extending view for them.

Konrad is not working so much overtime these days. This is really throwing me for a loop. I keep asking, "Aren't you going to work tonight?" and when he says no I am continuously surprised. We are enjoying having him home and he is enjoying getting work done around the ranch.

We were so glad to hear that Uncle Grant and his family made it through hurricane Ike with no major damage. We, however, had some wind damage. We thought the strong winds had passed but evidently we were wrong. Now we can add 'Glass for patio table' to our project list.

Konrad got a new TV for his birthday. Thought you might like to see a picture of it.

It is a 42" flatscreen. We got a good price on it.

KC started back to school. This is a picture of his first day. He is doing well and is working on learning to write letters, he is currently working on the letter C. He is also in AWANA Cubbies at church and is memorizing scripture so feel free to quiz him. Also, we are not sure who taught him, (probably Dr. Sandy) but he can correctly identify several states-and can tell us who lives in that state.

Opening gift from Grammie T and Bonka

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New trains

KC picked out Rocky

and KR got the Sodor Fire Crew

Happy Birthday Konrad!

For Konrad's birthday we went on a date and ate sushi.

Here is a closer pic of the tractor cake that I made for Farmer Kaul.