Friday, May 28, 2010

May Flood

As most of you know Nashville was severly flooded earlier this month as more than 13" of rain fell in 36 hours. I'm not sure what our total was but it nearly filled a 2 gallon bucket twice. Saturday it was a few inches from the top and one of the boys tipped it over. I was waiting to see if it would fill up. Sunday we had a clear day until about 3PM when the line of storms finally moved east enough to get us. The rain we got Sunday filled the bucket again to within inches of the top. The field flooded but honestly I expected it to be a lot worse since that portion of the property is in the 100 yr flood plain. The water got close to the barn, but never really threatened it. The debris that got caught up in the fence put a lot of strain on the new cross fencing, but they are strong and it held. The huge oak logs that are in the field towards the pond moved a little. Luckily they didn't really get going becuase if they had started cruising through the pasture they would have done serious damage to the fences. The stream of water ran right into our new 4-ball watering system and as a result a lot of the surrounding gravel washed out, 2' deep in some spots.

The boys really enjoyed playing in the water over the next several days.

Though our house was not flooded we did get damage inside the house. This is due to a crappy roof installation. We feel fortunate that these problems were brought to our attention before our 2 year warranty ran out with Rapid who did the job. That's the good news. The bad news it now we have to deal with Rapid again. We had water dripping from the ceiling in the middle of the living room, the master bedroom floor was wet from water coming in the upstairs roof, running down between the walls and even dripping into the crawl space under the house. We have found five leaks, so far, and the insurance adjuster says we need a new roof. So the battle begins...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kaden's Last Day of School

On Kaden's last day of school, Kolin and I attended a little program where the students sang songs and then received a certificate. As you can see Kaden a little taller than most students in his class. A recent measure at home had him at 3'5" and Kolin at 3'8".

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pics By Kolin

Kolin took all of these pictures by himself. The chickens are now about 7 weeks old and we let them out during the day to forage in the garden. We work hard to keep them out of Mrs. Virginia's yard and flower beds. There are three white chickens and two brown ones. The brown ones seem to be a bit more curious and tolerant of being caught. The cats try to pounce them, but so far they haven't caught anyone. I'm not convinced they really want to catch them, they are either slow cats or are just entertaining themselves by running the chicks around the garden.